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What is the Difference Between Static and Dynamic Website?

Words carry meaning. These ordered alphabets help you find and understand the true meaning of words.

For example, let’s understand the meaning of dynamic and static. Dynamic sounds more functional, but static means something that stays the same. Agree, right? I have to agree that the world has gone crazy since static and dynamic websites were introduced. Every business needs a website to go online. Digital Notebook, a Noida-based digital his marketing agency and website design firm, works to make all dreams come true with creative solutions.

Then let’s understand what static and dynamic websites are and what they are good for.

What exactly is a Website?

A website is a collection of web pages and multimedia such as images, text, and videos. Websites can be accessed from the URL displayed in the address bar of your browser. For example,

However, handling the entire website is not so simple. A lot is going on under the hood every time you type a URL into your browser. Your browser requests the page you typed in the address bar from the web server, and the web server forwards the required information. In most cases, a web server acts as a medium. This depends on what kind of her website you are looking for.

Guys what are they? Let’s move on to the next section and get one step closer to understanding static and dynamic websites.

What is a Static Website?

Often called a flat or stationary page, a Static website is the one that bears the same appearance on the web browser as well as in the place where it is stored. It contains web pages with only fixed content coded in HTML.

As the name suggests, it does not change. It stays the same i.e. “static” for everyone. Why is that? Because it does not require web programming and database design.

Unlike other types of websites, a Static Website is easy to create and perfect for small businesses! However, if you want hundreds of pages, then this is not suitable for you. What is then? Dive into the next section…

What is a Dynamic Website?

Also known as database-driven websites, dynamic websites require web programming and database design, as opposed to static websites. Its content depends on the type of viewer. how? This depends on a number of factors, including the visitor to the website, the visitor’s native language and time zone.

Website content is stored in a database. Every time a change is made to the database it will be reflected on the website! Isn’t that great?

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Website?

The above section should give you a rough idea of ​​what these two types of websites are. However, the definition cannot really include the scale of these two websites. Both static and dynamic websites offer more functionality. To do this, review the following criteria and how efficiently static and dynamic websites perform under these conditions.

Use of Language

Static pages are commonly built using HTML, while developers use languages ​​such as PHP, Javascript, and Action Script to create dynamic websites.

Content of the Website

A static website stays the same, while a dynamic website changes over time.

Loading Speed

Static pages are so minimal (both in appearance and technology) that they load very easily in a web browser, whereas dynamic pages are bulky and take a long time to load.

Changing Content on the Website

When it comes to static websites, it’s incredibly difficult to change the content. Why? Because here the redesigned page has to be developed from scratch and uploaded. However, dynamic websites make it very easy to make changes.

Identification Marker

If you see .htm or .html in the file extension URL, it’s a static website. However, if you can find .php, .asp, and .jsp in the URL, this is definitely an example of a dynamic web page. Easy, right?

Simplicity and Easy to Build

Static pages are ideal for those who want their website development to be very simple. Dynamic web pages, on the other hand, are reserved for code experts.

Content Updating Frequency

As you develop your website, check how often it needs to be updated with new content. A static website is best if you don’t need it. However, if you can’t resist updating your website in a few days, a static website is not an option because this dynamic website is the perfect place for you and your business.


There you go, people! In this blog post, we tried to bring forth the key differentiating qualities that clarify the true difference between static and dynamic websites. We hope we have enlightened you with our blog. Hope to see you soon, till then keep reading!


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