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How to Use Industry Awards to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Industry awards shoot the clear communication that you’re a quality service provider. Use them to spread the word about your company and attract new guests to your business.

How Industry Awards Benefit Small Businesses

Industry awards do numerous effects for small businesses. They help outlanders and competition fete the business as a redoubtable force and also emphasize the fact that it’s doing an excellent job.

How To Leverage Industry Awards In Your Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips

Write a press release about the award.

Press releases are a unique and under- employed form of content designed to spread the word about public changes. It’s the perfect first step in spreading the news about your recent assiduity award.

still, the word can spread far and wide, If your press release is picked up by applicable news outlets. This will help lead to an increase in guests and deals down the road.

Add a blurb about the award to your website.

When a new customer is assessing your business, one of the first places they ’re going to stop is your point. Because of this, it’s smart to announce your recent award on your website.

Consider writing a blog post about the award and “ sticking ” it to the top of your runner. Alternately, searching for an icon you can add to your runner that showcases you’re the philanthropist of the award.

Publish news about the award to your social media accounts.
Social media is a perfect place to make the news of your big award public. After you ’ve published your press release, partake it to your social accounts. Consider also participating the link to the association that issued the award.

To make your posts more intriguing for your guests, add a print or two of the award acceptance. Be sure to respond to any commentary, likes, or shares the posts admit.

Use the award’s follow-up celebrations as fodder for your social channels

Guests love inside peaks into the companies they work with. Using the post-award festivity as material for your social accounts is a great way to make fellowship within your platoon, while also bringing your guests into the festivity with you.

Consider posting live- sluice vids to platforms or participating some candid prints of your fests to your social accounts. This not only allows your guests to partake in your joy, but you ’ll also get to carry news of the award over into further content.

Reach out to press in your Industry awards.

One of the stylish ways to spread the news about your award is to proactively go in hunt of the media. journalists for original journals and publications are great sources, as are bloggers and influencers that work in your assiduity. When these people publish the news of your award, you ’ll probably see a shaft in business and a broader reach than you would on your own.

Send out an email blast.

An dispatch blast is an effective way to let your guests know about your achievement and to thank them for their involvement. Right after entering the award, shoot out an dispatch to your subscriber list containing the details of the award and the issuing agency.

It’s a good idea to also include several prints of you and accepting the award and your platoon celebrating. At the end of the dispatch, encourage your followers to partake the news with their musketeers.

Winning an Award Means it’s Time to Shine

Winning an industry award is exciting for any company, and businesses who have recently had the honor of accepting one can make this work for their marketing. From press releases to social updates, there are dozens of ways for small businesses to use industry awards to their advantage.

If you’re looking for the right company to help you leverage your award in your marketing strategy, contact Grav Web Solution Marketing. We specialize in digital marketing service, and we’re here to help you make the most of your achievements today.


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