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Does Website Hosting Impact Your SEO Performance?

What Is Website Hosting?

Website hosting refers to services that allow companies and digital marketers to store related files (images, code, scripts, etc.) and publish websites. Basically, the web hosting company rents out space on her web server.

Website hosting is basically managing website files on a host computer where users can access the files.

When website files are uploaded and published to these servers, they can be viewed online by virtually anyone. When a website visitor visits her website, the browser downloads the file and displays the website as designed.

This process is made possible by web servers, powerful computers that allow web users to connect to published websites. Website hosting services include storage space allocated for website files, connectivity, file protection, and other related services required to publish and maintain the website.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the best web has a huge impact on your SEO strategy and performance.

How Poor Website Hosting Can Impact Your SEO Performance

With the Google Pages Experience update rolling out in August 2021, rogue hosting services can hurt your SEO efforts more than ever. Looking at the potential side effects, we can see that most of them are related to user experience (UX).

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Slow Loading Times

Website speed refers to how fast (or slow) a website page loads in your browser. Unfortunately, cheap hosting solutions usually have low bandwidth and can lead to long page load times. This delay can frustrate users and cause them to bounce off the page, telling Google that your site doesn’t deserve ranking.

This delay can be caused by the server hosting too many websites. Unfortunately, the best website companies don’t allow hosting many websites together on one server. If you want to avoid delays, try static website hosting or self-hosting websites. These options are best for small websites with less than 5 pages.

2. Server Downtimes

An offline or unavailable website is worse than a slow website. One of your customers goes to an e-commerce store to buy something important and is temporarily unavailable and buys what they need when they need it. Suppose you find that you cannot provide

Failure to serve your buyers will increase your site’s bounce rate, or the percentage of users who leave your site after visiting a page, and worse, you will lose customers and sales opportunities. Additionally, if your site experiences significant downtime, Google will lower your ranking.

3. Hosting Space Shared With Unscrupulous Owners

Today’s best website hosters don’t allow scammers and spammers as customers, but cheap hosting providers do. Shared hosting, or hosting multiple websites on a shared server, means compromising hosting quality and website security.

Shared hosts have two main drawbacks.
First, it can share your server with shady websites, increasing the risk of your data being stolen or lost. Second, it reduces ranking and authority, site speed and reliability.

For these reasons, Google tends to devalue websites hosted on these shared servers. So avoid this cost-saving practice.

4. Internal Server Errors

If you get an internal server error, your browser will have problems trying to access the website’s files. This means that the website is experiencing database connectivity issues. When website content goes viral, it:
There are too many people trying to access your content and your hosting provider can’t handle the high volume of connection requests.

Google frequently reports database connection errors, deeming your website unreliable and lowering your ranking.

Custom Hosting Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Every business is unique. As such, his website hosting solution for small businesses should be tailored to their needs. Grav Web Solution is one of the top SEO hosting companies in the US with over 16 years of experience serving businesses of all sizes.

Our holistic approach to reliable web hosting includes web design, content creation and custom web design. If you need help determining the type of hosting that’s right for your business, call +91-8130425710 or fill out this form.

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